CORON Series

Revolutionize Your Kitchen with the CORON Bowl!

Tired of endless dishes, meal prep hustle, and plastic guilt? Say hello to CORON, your kitchen problem-solver!

How CORON Transforms Your Kitchen:
- Cook, serve, store, and reheat—all in one bowl.
- Stylish handle, compact storage, and a lid that doubles as a plate.
- Porous heat-resistant clay for fluffy, delicious results.
- Effortless cleanup with mold-resistant, dishwasher-safe clay.

Imagine Your Kitchen, Transformed:
Picture a kitchen where cooking is a breeze, cleanup is effortless, and mealtime is a joy. CORON makes it possible! Embrace the ease and elegance.


Sanshisuimei Series

Experience Nature's Masterpiece with Sanshisuimei Bowl! Each unique piece captures the enchanting beauty of natural moments like waterfalls, autumn leaves, dawn, icicles, moss, fog, and snow. The magical kiln alteration during firing adds a mesmerizing touch, revealing flame flows, blending colors, and casting shimmering shadows. Crafted from radiant porcelain, this bowl elevates your dining experience and doubles as stylish interior decor, showcasing unexpected beauty in every piece. Bring the magic of nature's beauty to your table!


Sake Series

Fits nicely in the hand, and brings out the best flavor

The moment you sip the poured sake, your heart will be relaxed by the mellow aroma. The "pestle-shaped" design, which curves outward, allows shochu and other liquors to mellow in the mouth. It also gives beer and other carbonated beverages a creamy taste with fine bubbles. This cup is a modern take on the traditional Minoyaki glaze.


Pastel Jelly Series

Experience Joyful Dining with the Pastel Jelly Bowl Collection! Our bowls feature exquisite craftsmanship and a captivating "kiln alteration" dance of fused glazes. Crafted with precision and fired for 22 hours, each piece radiates gentle colors, evoking the soft light of spring and the joy of multicolored macaroons. Enjoy a culinary symphony with these versatile bowls, celebrating life's moments with color, shine, and craftsmanship!


Marble Series

The Hakeme technique shines in its dynamic nature. With the 'Oni-Hakeme' method, an artisan crafts a brush from natural materials like coarse broom grass, resulting in a wild and unique pattern. The left-handed brush imparts a distinctive landscape, while the rough shinogi texture and other artistic touches contribute to an unparalleled, one-of-a-kind aesthetic you won't find elsewhere.


Icing Series

Icing, a culmination of 4 years in the pursuit of ultimate simplicity, is a stylish creation using Minoyaki techniques dating back to the 7th century—the oldest pottery in Japan. Savor your favorite foods in small moments and celebrate holidays with family and friends. The base, reminiscent of baked sweets, infuses a touch of natural warmth into the simple color scheme.


Dot Series

The elegance of our tableware lies in its textured simplicity. With a monochromatic palette, basic yet skillfully textured tableware offers versatility in arrangement. It's a timeless choice, showcasing individuality through simplicity. The dot pattern, with the matte base subtly peeking through, reflects the meticulous craftsmanship applied to each piece.