Crafting Culinary Elegance, Bringing the Luxury of Japan to Your Table

Welcome to Koshiro, where we invite you to bring the luxury of Japan into your home through our exquisite high-end tableware. Melding traditional Japanese craftsmanship with artistic flair, our pieces embody the essence of a cultural legacy. Recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, Japanese cuisine finds its perfect complement in our meticulously designed tableware.

More than mere utensils, our creations are crafted to elevate the dining experience across various culinary styles. We believe in providing tableware that not only delights the eyes but also enhances the pleasure of savoring great food. Our refined techniques and exquisite designs promise to create a special ambiance, adding to the joy of your dining moments.

In Japan, the tradition of appreciating the aesthetics of tableware, arranging food, and relishing luxurious mealtimes is deeply ingrained in daily life. At Koshiro, we aspire to bring this rich cultural experience to you. It is our honor to share in this connection, and we sincerely hope that Koshiro's tableware will infuse a touch of joy into your everyday life.

Preserving Heritage, Shaping Futures

Japanese pottery boasts the world's longest history, with earthenware dating back 12,000 years, making it the oldest discovered. Despite this rich legacy, a decline in Japan's birthrate and the surge in plastic production led many traditional pottery businesses to shutter.

At Koshiro, we stand as a beacon for heritage preservation. Your purchase of our tableware directly contributes to initiatives aimed at passing on centuries-old Japanese traditions that persist in evolving. We are deeply grateful for your warm support, recognizing that our commitment extends beyond providing exquisite pottery. It encompasses a dedication to sustaining the craftsman's artistry and ensuring that each piece enhances the user's experience. Join us in preserving the legacy while embracing the future, one cherished piece at a time.

Why Koshiro?

Crafted for today, cherished for tomorrow. Koshiro's Japanese dishware blends tradition and modernity. Gift-ready, fast-shipping, and a perfect fusion of elegance and efficiency.

  • High quality approved by fine restaurants and hotels

    At Koshiro, skilled artisans craft each piece with precision and attention to detail. Trusted by luxury establishments, our handcrafted tableware redefines quality and artistry.

  • Highly functional

    Crafted with the Japanese woman in mind, the CORON series is a versatile tableware line designed for cooking, serving, storing, and reheating—all in one. Plus, many of our products are machine washable for added convenience.

  • Made in Japan

    Founded by a Japanese woman, we prioritize exquisite tableware without compromising quality, committed to upholding human rights throughout production.

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Stunning and One of a kind

Every piece of our tableware is a result of meticulous handcrafting – from clay blending to glazing and firing. The manual touch ensures each item is uniquely distinct, with variations in clay softness, brush strokes, and glaze melting.

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