All Hand Crafted By Japanese Artisans

Our tableware is made by craftsmen in Japan, which boasts the longest history of pottery in the world. We make tableware that connects with the heart, where the creator's thoughts reach the user and deepen their attachment to the item.

Message from Mino Pottery Craftsman

We value making pottery that fits comfortably and blends in with daily life.

Toki City, where Mino ware is produced, accounts for 70% of the national share of pottery production.
Although the production methods have been automated and mass production has become possible, Shinko-gama does not produce many identical pieces at one time.

At our klin, the entire process is done by hand, including clay kneading, molding, drying, unglazing, decorating, glazing, and firing.

The softness of the clay, the brush strokes, the melting of the glaze, and other subtle differences in the vessels convey the warmth of our kiln.

Each item is carefully crafted by the hands of artisans in an environment where the weather is carefully monitored, the water is cold in winter, and the factory battles the heat in the summer.

What we value is "warmth."
We want our users to receive tableware that still retains the warmth of the hand of its creator.
We want our customers to feel our warmth through our tableware.

We make our products with this in mind.”