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Mino Ware Deep Plate 6.7in

Mino Ware Deep Plate 6.7in

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Crafted in Japan, this 6.7-inch plate is perfect for small side dishes or as a saucer. Dishwasher and microwave-safe, it effortlessly elevates your table setting.
  • Classic charm with a modern twist—dots pattern.
  • Craft-like matte surface for a tactile feel.
  • Crafted for those with a zen mindset and an appreciation for unique matte texture.
  • Versatile black and white color matches any dish and interior.
  • Perfect as a saucer for soy sauce and more with its slightly deeper design.
  • Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Japan. 


Product Detail

  • Quantity: 1
  • Diameter: 17cm(6.7in)
  • Height: 3cm(1.2in)
  • Weight: 250g(0.5 lbs)
  • MaterialPottery - Mino ware
  • Main Usage: side dish, saucer, etc.
  • Series: Sinkougama 
  • Origin: Made in Japan

    Care Information


    • Microwave-safe
    • Dishwasher-safe

    *Please place them so that they do not collide next to each other.

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